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About Clip-Right

A “Brilliantly Simple” Improvement on Nail Clippers

Clip-Right® nail clippers improve on the age-old traditional clipper design by adding an ergonomic lever that allows you to squeeze right where the cutting action happens – at the nail. 

The patented design offers greater control and ease of use while remaining economically priced Normal nail clippers put the squeezing action at the end of the clippers opposite the cutting edges where the thumb can easily slide off the lever especially when used in your less-skilled hand.  Clip-Right® nail clippers are simply designed right by MIT-educated Mechanical Engineer, Michael Doane – you won’t find a better nail clipper.

 Clip-Right® nail clippers sit in your hand and the thumb-lever lines up with your thumb and moves with it as the thumb moves towards the index finger in a very natural way. This “squeeze at the nail” design makes it easier for those with shaky hands to use, and although it’s not specifically designed for use by children, it’s so easy to use they’ll be able to do it themselves.

The numbers speak for themselves


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Clip-Right Advantage

Clip-Right® Advantage

This patent-pending improvement on the brilliant Clip-Right® nail clipper, makes it even easier to use than it already was. 

Using a custom molded lever allowed us to reposition the roller so that the force of the cutting edges continuously increases as you squeeze the lever.

This results in effortless use and perfectly smooth action. This design also allows nail files to be recessed into each side. To cap it off, Clip-Right® Advantage nail clippers come in a beautiful metal storage box that protects your investment in the best nail clippers available.


Clip-Right® Nail Clippers- The Original

This patented design continues to be our biggest seller.  All Clip-Right® nail clippers include an additional lever that hinges at the rear of the clippers and allows users squeeze at the end where the clipping occurs. 

This is a simple change that makes a big difference in improving nail clipper design.  The ergonomic design fits in the whole hand and the additional lever moves with the thumb making it easy to use in either hand. 

By squeezing at the front of the tool it minimizes the distance between the control and the nail.  With traditional designs you squeeze at the end opposite the cutting edges which makes it harder to position and harder to control as the nail is cut. 

The ergonomic lever on the Clip-Right® does not move from side to side as the lever on traditional clippers does, so you don’t need to make sure the lever stays aligned with the body of the clipper as you squeeze to cut.  According to one satisfied customer, who happens to be an MIT trained mechanical engineer, it is “Brilliantly simple!”. 

At a suggested retail price of $9.95 you cannot go wrong with this innovative and improved nail clipper.


Our Customers’ Feedback

Kyle Hanley

Orlando, FL

 I’m really impressed with these nail clippers.  They are super-sharp and cut really well.  The handle makes them really easy to use, especially when trimming my toenails.

Dr. S.M. Hockett, M.D.

Maple Grove, MN

The Clip-Right® provides extra control combined with ease of use to prevent nail clipping errors that can lead to hang-nails and subsequent infections.

Kathryn Harllee

McLean, VA

I bought a Clip-Right® for my father in-law who is getting shaky hands in his old age.  He has a lot of trouble positioning and using regular nail clippers, but he has no problem using these.

Join us on this journey of belief and innovation as we strive to satisfy our customers through our groundbreaking designs.


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